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Someone We Know by Shari Lapena (Review)

June 22, 2019 No Comments

This is my third Shari Lapena book, after The Couple Next Door & An Unwanted Guest. both of which I adored, so I was highly anticipating her next release.

Let me tell you, this book didn’t disappoint. Something I’ve come to realise with Lapena is that she’s a master in writing incredibly twisty multiple POV stories.

Someone We Know is a suspenseful, thought-provoking, Mystery Thriller. Featuring a cast of highly developed and well thought out characters.

This book has one underlying message – how well do we really know our neighbours?

Raleigh Sharpe, a teenage boy who has a growing fascination with computers, admits to his parents, that he has been breaking into houses in their small neighbourhood when the owners aren’t home. Explaining that he doesn’t actually steal anything – just pries through their computers. Fuming, but wanting to do the right thing, Raleigh’s mother Olivia writes anonymous letters to the owners of the houses her son admitted to breaking into, posting them through their letterboxes at nightfall.


Meanwhile, news breaks out that one of the nearby residents Amanda Pierce has been found at the bottom of a river, dead in the boot of her car. Amanda’s husband Paul, was one of the recipients of Olivia’s letters. Leading Paul with many unanswered questions, who has broken in? and what have they seen?


Throughout the investigation were taken on an in-depth journey of the lives of the neighbourhood, everyone seems to have something to hide, everywhere the police turn, they seem to uncover something that leads them to a different suspect. Turning residents against each other.


In this quiet neighbourhood, full of secrets and lies, who is really telling the truth?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more from Shari Lapena in the future.







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