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My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (Review)

July 1, 2017 No Comments

This book really made me think, the perfect pictures on celebrities’ Instagrams, the perfect theme, the ‘why isn’t my life like this?’..

This was one of my most anticipated books of the year and I swear Sophie Kinsella can do no wrong, her books always make me laugh and give me that kind of warm fuzzy feeling, her characters are always so relatable and real, which is what I love most, they don’t always make the right decisions, but that’s life isn’t it?

The main character Cat, has always dreamt of living and working in London, and now it seems all her dreams are coming true, securing a job at a top branding/marketing company and has a perfect Instagram page. But everything changes when her boss Demeter fires her out of the blue, she’s forced to give up her life in London and move back to her dad’s farm in Somerset.

I loved all the different settings in this book, throughout when the characters are talking about marketing, layout and fonts, I just kept thinking ‘Yes! go with that one, I agree with what your saying!’ my inner graphic design snob in me. But what I really loved was Somerset and the farm, how the family all came together to create something great, watching the ‘glamping’ business come to life was really interesting. The fact it went into so much detail about each family that came to stay was a nice touch.

Also had to mention the swoony moments, of which there was a few, it was super cute and I was rooting for it, that’s all i’m saying.

The journey of the book shows you that everything isn’t always as it seems, and no matter how ‘perfect’ someones life looks online, you never know what someones going through in private.

Highly recommend if your in the mood for a rom com-esque book!

Cannot decide yet if this is my favourite Kinsella book, definitely up there with Can You Keep A Secret? & The Undomestic Goddess.



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