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Crooked Kingdom By Leigh Bardugo (Non-Spoiler & Spoiler Review)

December 8, 2016 No Comments


Author: Leigh Bardugo

Publisher: Orion (UK) /Henry Holt and Co. (US)

Rating: 5/5 stars.

I can guarantee this whole review will just be me unable to control my emotions, because I can’t believe its over. After being VERY late to the game in reading Six Of Crows (which I finished last month and absolutely adored) I decided I would marathon this duology, mainly because after finishing SOC I couldn’t think about anything else.

I said this in my previous review for SOC, but these characters are literally everything, Leigh has created some of the most exciting, humorous, badass & diverse characters I have ever read. Each characters voice is so unique and unlike other YA fantasy books with multiple POV’s there was no *ugh can I skip this one* feeling, I cared for all of the characters. It was especially great to have Wylans perspective in this book, as thats what the last book was missing. There is also a lot of character development which I really appreciated, specially from Matthias.

I ship all the pairings in this series and this final book left me too emotional for words, you will laugh/cry/assume the fetal position, at least  *cough* that was me. To me the dialogue in this book is just SO real, you get so invested, they are all precious honeys who must be protected (just saying).

The story picks up a week after the events in SOC, which I loved cause it jumped straight back into things. In terms of the plot I thought that it was just as fast paced and badass as the previous book (if not more so!) there was so many twists that I just wasn’t expecting, mostly because of Kaz’s epic plans. There is definitely a lot more of a political side of things in comparison to the previous books, of which I personally really enjoyed reading about, love me some mind games.

All in all I think that everything rounded up nicely at the end, although I could happily read another 6 books with these characters, lets be honest.

That’s all I can say without completely spoiling!

If you’ve read Crooked Kingdom here are my Spoilery thoughts:

Where do I even start?! honestly.

I think i’m just going to talk about some of my favourite moments from the book in small sections.

Inej on the high wire when she was destroying the silo’s was just so incredible, Inej has become one of my favourite female characters of all time. She has been through so much, but she always manages to power on and it’s just so interesting and exciting when she’s explaining how she is moving in a fight, using her badass acrobat skills.

Even though I love all of the pairings in this book my absolute favourites are Inej/Kaz, they are PERFECT. The scene when they finally kiss when he is fixing her bandages literally left me in the biggest emotional mess, i’m pretty sure i’ve re-read those chapter(s) 5+ times (no regrets!)

Jesper kissing Kuwei thinking he’s Wylan literally had me laughing so hard, specially because the real Wylan has walked into the room at that moment and he literally just coughs. Jespers character is honestly just so hilarious and witty, it was also really great to see the relationship with his dad develop throughout the book.

When Wylan finds out his mother is alive and he is just sobbing his eyes out and Jesper is comforting him was just the cutest and at the same time really emotional to read, because obviously Wylan has found out his father had been lying to him.

Matthias’ death :(, this scene completely took me by surprise, it literally came out of nowhere and then the chapter/POV changed and I was like what? no?! WHY.  The way Nina was with Matthias when this happened was honestly heartbreaking, when she had his head in her lap in the final moments, seeing how much she cared for him and then her promising to do all these things for him after he died, I cried. a lot.

The ending chapters where we find out Wylan & Jesper live and cook together was honestly the cutest thing ever and made my heart happy.

When Inej & Kaz met up at the harbour for that final time and Kaz suprises Inej with the fact that she’s found her parents and that they are there was one of the most heartwarming things I’ve ever read, then it just had to get even CUTER when we find see Kaz there and he’s not wearing his gloves, the tears were falling.

I think this book brought everything together nicely, but as I said before I wouldn’t complain if there was more books.


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