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October Book Haul

November 3, 2017 No Comments

Slightly late… but here are all the books I bought and received in the month of October!

Zenith by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings,

HQ kindly sent me an arc of this book at the beginning of the month and I couldn’t be more excited. I love Sasha & Lindsay and it’s been great to see their journey online as they’ve been writing this novel together. I love sci-fi so I can’t wait to dive into this one soon!

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green, 

A book I read the day I got it! which doesn’t happen often. In short, I adored this story, it’s my favourite book Johns written to date. For my thoughts in full read my non-spoiler review here.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, Illustrated by Chris Riddel,

I was kindly given this by the publisher, headline and It’s BEAUTIFUL. Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore The Graveyard Book & Coraline by Neil Gaiman, So I have high hopes for this one.

The Becoming Of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodgkin,

This was a book I was not expecting in the post, I’ve heard a lot of things about The Mara Dyer trilogy over the years, unfortunately, I still haven’t read it (oops). It’s one of those situations where I might have to see what other people think of the book first before I decide whether or not to binge the series.

Goodbye, Perfect by Sara Barnard,

I was kindly sent a bunch of 2018 release from PanMacmillan (That I did not think I was going to get!). This is the one from the pile that I’m most excited about. I read Sara’s second novel ‘A Quiet Kind Of Thunder’ earlier this year and adored it, if you haven’t read that yet, I highly recommend it. I will pretty much-read anything Sara releases now (that’s how much I loved it).  I’m going to start Goodbye, Perfect in the next few weeks!

Renegades By Marissa Meyer,

I. Still. Haven’t. Finished. The. Lunar. Chronicles. Why am I like this with series’. I’ve read two books by this author, the first being Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1) and her Standalone Alice In Wonderland inspired retelling Heartless. I thoroughly enjoyed both of these so I’m excited for Renegades. ALSO THIS BOOK AS SUPERHEROS. count me in.

See What I Have Done By Sarah Schmidt,

My current read. I was given this with a high recommendation! I’ve roughly read about 60 pages so far and I’m really enjoying the writing style, it’s quite eerie and I love stories with more than one POV. I’ve gone into this book pretty blind, but its how I prefer to with Mystery novels. Intrigued to see how this one goes! Note: this book is also beautiful! I’m a sucker for sprayed edges.

So I gained more books this month that I thought…

*drowns in tbr*


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